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  • Is Multiball Lollipop Multivitamin same with other lollipops?

    No, Multiball Lollipop Multivitamin is a vitamin complex which helps to meet daily vitamin requirements just like multivitamin syrups. Generally, giving vitamin to children is a serious issue for mothers. At this stage, Multiball helps mothers and offers children’s easily accepting vitamins thanks to lollipops that children love.

  • Does multiball contain sugar?

    Normally, vitamins and minerals are not very tasty components. As such , whether in the form of syrup or in different forms, they need a sweetener.

    Multiball’s form is also special as its content. Thanks to its special mold, Multiball, which is the smallest lollipop currently on the market, is only 7 grams. In this way, much less sugar is used in them.

  • Do Multiball Lollipop pastilles really contain honey?

    Both types of Multiball Lollipop pastilles contain natural honey. In addition, Honey Ginger has a natural honey filler in our product.

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